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Freestyler Dmx Remote (WIFI)

5.99 usd

TESTED WITH NEW FREESTYLER 2X - 2 UniversesWIFI Version, connects to PC via Wifi connection ONLY. Bluetooth available as a separate App
Using the popular Freestyler Program installed on your PC you can create powerful synchronised lighting shows, whether you are designing light shows for bands, discos,clubs or full theatre scenes Freestyler is geared up to make any production easy and cheaply.
This app extends Freestyler by giving you remote access to the common Freestyler actions.
Heres a quick list of what it can do.
Auto Connection No IP address required, Locates and Connects to Freestyler Automatically. No External Server Needed.Auto Labels, Fetches button names directly from FS!DMX FADERS: Access to 20 Faders to be assigned directly to DMX Channels.Terminal, type terminal commands into the app to have access to the full 512 channels.Blackout, Favourite, Freeze and Fog, Master Intensity shortcuts20 Cue Toggle Buttons, with speed control, tap sync and manual advancementsSix pages of 32 Override ButtonsSixpages of 16 playlist buttons , with speed control, tap sync and manual advancements.Fixture Control: Take control of Groups, Select Gobo and Colour Wheels, Pan/Tilt Picker. Intensity, shutter, strobe,
**PERMISSIONS**Internet and wifi network connections: This app requires network permissions to be able to locate, connect and send commands to freestyer on a local network.This app does not need an active internet connection.